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EV Charger supplied, installed and certified from $2,100 including GST

Adaptive Electrical is your trusted electrician for premium EV charging solutions in Wellington. We specialize in installing cutting-edge EV chargers, including premium Evnex chargers made in New Zealand.

What We Offer:

  • Expert EV charger installation for homes, businesses, and public stations.

  • Utilization of top-tier Evnex chargers with advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity and smart charging algorithms.

  • A range of power levels and charging speeds tailored to your vehicle and preferences.


Why Choose Adaptive Electrical:

  • Experienced and certified electricians ensuring a quick, safe, and satisfying installation.

  • Customer-centric approach – helping you choose the right charger, providing detailed quotes, and scheduling installations at your convenience.

  • Ongoing support and maintenance for a smooth charging experience.


Ready to Make the Switch? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embrace the EV driving experience with confidence!

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At Adaptive Electrical, we are passionate about electric vehicle (EV) charging installations and committed to providing the best solutions. We firmly believe the future is electric vehicles. I, Jesse, the owner and operator, bring a creative and practical approach to addressing your needs, drawing from my hands-on experience in renovating multiple properties, as well as my experience as an Electrcial Inspector / Electrican.

With over two years of experience in EV charger installations, we possess the required equipment to ensure safe and correct operation. This includes investing in specialized test equipment such as electrical vehicle supply equipment simulators and multifunction testers capable of testing 6mA smooth DC (EV safe charging leakage limits most testers do not have this capability).

Our expertise extends to challenging Wellington installs, ranging from lengthy aerial cable runs exceeding 50 meters to trenching through front lawns and running conduit down fences to carports near the street. From complex setups to straightforward installations next to the main switchboard, we've got you covered!

Jesse, as a licensed Electrical Inspector, provides you with the assurance that we are dedicated to installing the best charger for your needs and offering unparalleled guidance.

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