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Jesse is the primary instructor.  In school, he had a strong interest in electrical, but struggled with dyslexia.  He decided that he was interested in becoming an Electrician and began work experience with a local contracting company.  They took him on as an apprentice after he finished school and he is now a registered Electrical Inspector.
His apprenticeship was based in the local industrial plants assisting with maintenance, projects, and breakdown. A few years after becoming registered, he was bit by the ‘travel bug’.  He took some time away from the trade and entered a role in tourism guiding groups of backpackers around New Zealand, gaining plenty of life experience along the way.  After returning to the trade in commercial, he became interested in the idea of teaching others.  He had a vision of what a modern and engaging competency program would look like and set out to make it a reality.  He wanted to breathe life into the course content by presenting it in a more fun & engaging way. He wanted to build a course where attendees looked forward to the training as well as the networking opportunity to meet other local electrical workers at the same time.

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